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How coworking spaces can help you maximise your productivity

Our world is literally brimming with distractions (hello, endless social media scrolls and the irresistible call of the fridge). Honestly, it is harder than ever to stay focussed, be productive when we want to be and work the way we want to work – especially if we work from home or run our own business. Whether or not anything and everything happens - it all comes down to… well, us.

Could coworking spaces be the superheroes of the modern workspace? Maybe they’re the hybrid environment we need to rescue us from the clutches of home office chaos or the yawn-inducing sameness of traditional offices. A well-designed coworking space is more than just a place to park your laptop – they’re often a local community hub that helps you stay productive when you are working, so you don’t have to be when you’re not.

Here's the lowdown on how to make the most of your coworking escapade:

Your workspace

Think of your hotdesk or workspace as a done-for-you personal productivity zone. Coworking spaces come pre-loaded with ergonomic chairs that won't make you regret sitting, natural light that won't make you feel like a squinting hermit, and quiet zones or sound-proof call booths for when you need to focus. Add in some well-placed cozy décor and some seriously sought-after snacks, and you’re set.


One of THE coolest things about coworking spaces? They're like a melting pot of brilliant local brains. Chatting to your fellow coworkers across different industries and walks of life can ignite that spark of connection you've been missing at home. Get chatty, join in on networking shindigs, and don't shy away from teaming up on projects.

You might just find your next business bestie or hatch a world-changing idea over coffee (or a Tim Tam).

Access to resources

Coworking spaces are like all-you-can-eat buffets, but for work stuff. High-speed internet that doesn't lag mid-Zoom, meeting rooms that scream "I'm a pro, but I’m relaxed about it" and all the office gadgets you can dream of are at your fingertips. Use these perks to your advantage and seamlessly smooth out your workflow.

Whether you're a freelancing wizard, an entrepreneur or a remote work aficionado, coworking spaces are your ticket to a world where work feels a little less like work and a lot more like, well, working somewhere awesome.

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