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How The Foundry Cowork came to be.


Mel Archer

Hi, I'm Mel!


I'm a graphic designer and the director of Netspin Creative. My hubby and I relocated from Sydney to the Central Coast in 2004 to leave the hectic city life behind and enjoy the chilled coastal lifestyle we both craved from our childhoods.

My work life in Sydney was fantastic - I shared studio space with my two besties who were also designers. We all thrived on the energy and inspiration we found in each other, and even had the occasional freelancer in to hot-desk. It was the best time.

So when I moved to the coast, although the lifestyle was great and my hubby and I could start a family, my work situation was very lonely. I worked from home and juggled the kiddies for the first 12 years, then leased a small office in Erina - on my own.


It wasn't long before the lack of stimulation caused major burnout, self-doubt and apathy. I took a break and flew to New York to visit one of the OG besties. The coworking concept had gone bananas over there and there were literally hundreds of different business models. I thought "Hang on, coworking is pretty much exactly what we were doing in Sydney. I need to either find or recreate that same concept on the Central Coast."

I came home recharged and motivated but unfortunately there was nothing in my immediate area that was suitable. Surely that meant there was a gap in the market? If I was looking for a local coworking space with a cool, relaxed, creative vibe maybe others were too?

What's that quote from Field of Dreams?


Here's hoping Kevin Costner knew what he was talking about :)

Photography by Oak Street Images & Videography by Dreamtree Films

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