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5 Reasons Introverts Will Love Coworking (Even If Networking Makes You Nervous)

coworking as an introvert

Even for the introverts or the extroverted-introverts out there (it’s me, hi), working from home can start to feel utterly isolating after a while. At first, the lack of distractions from your coworkers (e.g. Kevin from accounts no longer swinging by on the daily) and the ability to operate on your own schedule feels like a luxury. But after a while, the silence and monotony can become deafening. Not to mention the struggle of separating work and home life when your "office" is the living room couch.

But the thought of joining a coworking space can make anyone who hates the idea of speaking to other people want to retreat further into their home office bunker. And isn't coworking just another word for nonstop networking?

The truth is – a good coworking space helps you find the balance between focused productivity and peaceful coexistence with others. You can embrace all the perks without forcing yourself into a constant hustle of social interactions.

Think working alone, with others.

1. A Quiet(er) Productive Environment

Coworking spaces are designed for focused work, with a little bit of chat (or not). The ambient noise is far quieter than your average office, and if you do feel like waving hello to someone else? There’s often a few cosy breakout spaces, meeting rooms and seriously stocked kitchen areas to make this easy. You can also take those longer calls or Zoom meetings in the privacy of sound proof booths. It's the perfect middle ground between a busy workplace and the isolation of home.

2. Working Alone, Together

No one will barge over to your coworking desk, knock and demand you attend an impromptu meeting or team lunch (I may or may not be channelling a previous office experience here). But you'll also have lots of opportunity for chat, if you’d like it. "Soft networking" opportunities are there when you feel like them, allowing you to build relationships organically over time rather than via forced social situations.

3. Change of Scenery

Regardless of how introverted you might be, working from the same home environment day after day can start feeling monotonous. Changing your scenery, even breezing through a new door in the morning wearing something that’s not your PJs, can help reset your mindset. The change of physical workspace reenergises your focus.

4. Professional Bits and Bobs

From secure high-speed Wi-Fi and monitors to printing/scanning resources and call booths - coworking spaces usually provide all the office bells and whistles your dining room table may be lacking. You'll feel more motivated in a space designed solely for productivity and workplace comfort.

5. Focused Accountability

While no one’s going to be peering over your shoulder eyeing up how many emails you’re responding to every hour, even the presence of others hard at work can boost your own motivation. Coworking capitalises on the accountability and focus that comes from being around a shared working environment, without the social pressures.

Coworking provides the independent focus and quiet productivity introverts crave, without the loneliness that can come from working at home long-term.

Try it for yourself – use our code FDFREE for your first day at our Central Coast coworking spaces, The Foundry Gosford or The Foundry Erina on us!

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