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Office workers hate the commute,
not the office

If your employees are either spending hours commuting to head office or working from home in less than ideal surroundings, then maybe a workspace close to home is the perfect compromise. The Foundry Cowork offers flexible, affordable and professional spaces in two locations on the Central Coast. We have a variety of options we can tailor to your needs such as shared and private spaces with part-time and full-time arrangements.


Help your teams stay local, stay productive and reclaim their work-life balance.

Boost productivity AND job satisfaction

Balance flexibility with productivity with our local collaborative, distraction-free coworking spaces. When your employees work closer to home, they'll experience less stress from long commutes, resulting in increased job satisfaction and higher productivity.

Improve mental health 

Working from home long-term can have adverse effects on mental health. The line between work and home can become blurred, preventing relaxation outside of business hours. The isolation of working alone can also lead to loneliness, complacency and depression.

Reduced absenteeism

When employees have the flexibility to choose how and where they work, they feel valued and far less likely to call in sick. Fewer absentees mean a more productive, cohesive team.

Encourage sustainable work-life balance

Employees with more time to enjoy a morning walk on the beach, spend quality time with family, or catch up on their hobbies are happier employees. Make work-life balance more than just a buzzword for your employees with a tangible, affordable benefit they’ll love.

Cost savings… for everyone!

Say goodbye to the endless expenses associated with commuting – fuel, train fares, daily coffee runs, and lunches. By choosing local coworking, your team can save significantly, while enjoying all the perks of a convenient workspace. And as an added bonus, you can potentially reduce your head office floor space and associated costs.

Greener workplace, greener community

Choosing local coworking helps reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation. Fewer employees commuting long distances means less traffic congestion, less fuel consumption, and a healthier planet.

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